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Flamingo Watercolor via The Lovely Cupboard
Why wouldn't you want a hot pink flamingo hanging out in your living room everyday? I can't think of a good reason not to have one. Isn't this guy magnificent? Maybe it's not the typical choice to hang in a historic 1940's home...

I don't care; he's perfect.

I'd like to name him, but I'm afraid that might be a little crazy. If I can think of a good name, I still might.

This print has actually been sitting in my attic for over a year. I purchased it for a gallery wall in my dining room that never happened. (That whole room has been on hold for two years. Maybe that's a good thing because I've changed my plans about 5 times so far.) Instead of waiting for the room that will probably be put off a while more, I decided to try it out in my formal living room. He's going to be here a while. I moved the longhorn print I had on my mantel into the office...I figure one piece of animal artwork is the max before it starts feeling a little too National Geographic.
Flamingo Watercolor
Animal artwork has been around forever. (Literally. I mean what else adorned the cave walls?) Lately, I've seen so many great pieces that feel either whimsical or sophisticated.

Just for fun, here is a man's perspective on the topic...

     STU: What are you writing about?

     HEATHER: Animal artwork.

     STU: Oh, like that picture of dogs playing poker and smoking cigars?

     HEATHER: No, not like that...Anything but that.

There are gorgeous animal prints, photographs, and mixed media work available on sites like ImageKind, Society 6, and Etsy. Using animals in art is a great way to bring life and something unexpected to your walls. The choice of animal can work within the style of your home. Exotic animals help bring a global feel. Birds are used a lot in of traditional decor. Horses can either feel rustic or completely modern depending on the composition. Here are a few of my favorites from around the web.
Animal Artwork via The Lovely Cupboard
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Sometimes I see a trend and really like it other spaces but not in my own home. I've fully embraced this one though. What do you think? 

Q: Do you have animal artwork in your home? 

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