Grilled Peaches with Proscuitto


We had dinner with friends a couple weeks ago, and they made an appetizer that was nothing short of amazing. After one bite, I had to resist the urge to grab the whole plate and run. If you've ever had cantaloupe wrapped in proscuitto, it's the way that the cantaloupe is the underachieving cousin of this amazing combination. They found the recipe (which actually calls for nectarines) on Real Simple's website, but I've seen it other places too. It was shockingly easy to make. When I pulled a slice off the grill and tried the first one, I literally held it up to me and said, "Where have you been all my life?" (I only talk to food that speaks to me first.)
-maple syrup

1. Wrap peaches in proscuitto.
2. Throw on the grill.
3. Brush with maple syrup.
4. Drool and enjoy.

*I plated them with aged Gorgonzola cheese and had some sparkling water that made for a light summer dinner.
Sad Story 
I'm also a tad partial to this fruit since we have our own little peach tree...only we didn't know it was a peach tree until we let A WHOLE SEASON OF FRESH PEACHES RUIN! A couple months after moving into our house, we noticed small green objects growing on our tree.  A few weeks later, we thought, ”Hey, those look like peaches.” Due to the the craziness and tunnel vision that comes with moving and home improvements, we didn't notice them again until they were fully grown. After tasting the fruit at different intervals and getting bitter, hard fruit, we thought maybe we were mistaken and they were just peach impostors. (I know. We should have Googled, but painting seemed more important at the time.)

One day, after most of the peaches had fallen victim to fruit flies and squirrels, a friend strolls through our door with a half-eaten peach raving about how sweet they were. By this time there were maybe four edible peaches left on the entire tree. We still kick ourselves for letting this happen. I vowed not to let it happen this year!

This winter I did a little research about caring for peach trees. We pruned (apparently not nearly enough) and sprayed an organic treatment to ward off disease and fruit flies. Turns out caring for a fruit tree has a rather large learning curve, and I've picked up a few more tips to help grow the best quality crop next year. I'm hoping to get the most out of our little tree and perhaps even have enough to host a canning party where a few freinds can come make and take preserves. The last time I did that, I was "helping" my grandma can her annual batch when I was ten. Sure wish I would have paid a little better attention to the process.


  1. Yum--peach season! One of my fave ways to enjoy peaches is in a crisp. Mmm...warm peach crisp with some vanilla ice cream on top...can't get much better than that! Although pretty much all of these recipes look and sound amazing!

  2. I've only made apple crisps, never a peach crisp! I need to add that to my "to cook" list. Thanks Kat.

  3. This looks so fabulous.. and you have your own peach tree... so jealous!


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