The "Heirloom" Rug


Searching for rugs, large or small, never seems to be a simple task for me. I feel like I could more easily commit to buying a new car than a new rug. (I realize this probably isn't something I should admit so freely...) After searching for weeks, I couldn't find a small rug for my kitchen. I wanted something with bold color and a low pile, but wasn't willing to delve into savings to purchase the one I really liked. After finding several rugs in budget that were just "ok", I gave up the hunt.

It turns out that the "perfect new rug" wasn't new at all.

A few months ago, a package came in the mail from my aunt. It was full of textiles and nic naks that belonged to my grandma. My sweet "Mawmaw" passed away this fall leaving behind a wealth of memories and indelible impressions on anyone who knew her, especially her grand kids. Her stories were as colorful as her personality.
She could laugh, yell, and cry while reliving an event from her past. Being a missionary who left Texas with my grandfather in her twenties, most of her life was lived overseas. We hung on every word of  her tales, realizing only now what a legacy she left us. She had her quirks too...Sometimes Christmas gifts included potted plants or a set of sheets-not that exciting for an 11 year old. Her beautifully decorated  cottage filled with treasures from India, Hong Kong, and Maylasia looked like something from a magazine, but it always smelled of moth balls.

When I unpacked the box and pulled out this rug, I immediately started to tear up. This little rug had been in her kitchen for as long as I can remember. It was tattered and showed its age, yet the beautiful tapestry of colors would still brighten any room. I learned how to make chicken and dumplings while standing on this rug . More times than I can count, I watched her make biscuits and gravy in her cast-iron skillet standing barefoot on that rug, singing old hymns, and adding more salt than doctors these days would say is fitting. As it lays in my kitchen now, I remember all the meals we made and lessons I learned...and there the whole time was this ratty, old, gorgeous rug. The perfect "new" rug.
Oh, and Marty McFly likes it too.

 Do you have an "heirloom" piece in your house? I'd love to hear about it.


  1. A beautiful post to go with a rug that symbolizes something more beautiful than the colors in's a keeper!

  2. That is a lovely rug with a beautiful story to go with it.

    My grandma and grandpa didn't live a fancy life. I think everything they owned came from Montgomery Ward or J.C. Penny, but when my grandfather passed on a couple of years ago I was so happy to get the little brown cookie jar I'd been sticking my hands into since before I could even reach the counters (back then I'd drag a chair over so that I could "sneak" the cookies). Today it sits in my pantry and holds all of our various tea bags. I don't see it much in summer, but every cold winter day when I now reach for my favorite tea, I'm reminded of those days when I used to reach for cookies while my grandma would stand behind me watching my sneakiness.

  3. That rug is absolutely gorgeous and even more special with the story behind it!

  4. Thanks Lisa & Emily:) Becky, what a precious memory. Thanks for sharing it. Funny how what others would consider "old junk" we now consider our priceless treasures.

  5. Wow! What a gorgeous rug on its own! I love that it has special meaning behind it. What a beauty.


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