Repurposed Vintage Wire Baskets


This weekend my cousin came to visit, and one of our first priorities was to hit up some of my town's amazing flea markets. She scored a gorgeous white headboard for $30 (wish I had taken pictures), and I found these vintage pink wire baskets. I walked by them at first thinking, "Those are cute, but what would I do with them?" About 2 seconds after I imagined using them for storage in my dressing room, she announced, "You could hang them on a wall and use them like shelves!" Yes, we are kin. So, I happily forked over $18 and had instant shelving for my collection of clutches, hats, and scarves.

I made the button art at a craft party last year. I found the idea here on Design*Sponge.
Also, I'm guest posting today over on VIew Along the Way. Kelly has a great series that showcases bloggers' homes. I'll be talking about being content with aspects of your home even though they may not be exactly what you had in mind. Head on over and say "hello"!


  1. Very cute! Way to think outside the shelf:)

  2. What a great find! They match your art perfectly. I especially like that you can see all of your accessories through the wire baskets. I can only hope to discover such a great find at my local flea market!

  3. Thanks ladies:) Elisha, so glad you "introduced" yourself. I'm thinking now that my "junk" is out in the open I'm going to have to be a bit more organized.

  4. Thanks for the fabulous guest post today! :) So happy to have you over!

  5. what a fun idea! (& pink is always a deal-maker for me)

  6. That is fabulous! Love the pink!

  7. Alyssa and Steph, that's the upside of having my clothes in another room. As much pink as I like:)

  8. Very cute, creative, and a girly way to store accessories! What a score!

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  10. I love this--hope to do it when I get into my new apartment in January-in England!

    Also really love your makeover for your classroom (I'm a teacher also)

    I am also trying your Greek dip this weekend-thanks for sharing!

    Oh also if you have any suggestions for DIY weddings, etc: I am planning my London wedding for the spring! Thx


  11. That's so exciting Kelli! (Both the wedding and apartment.) I secretly think I was born in the wrong country. I tell my husband that I want to speak to our (future) kids in a British accent just though they'll have one. He thinks I'm kidding...

    If I were to get married and do a wedding all over again, here some things I would definitely include:
    1. Bunting of beautiful faded fabrics
    2. Vintage hankies for guests to wave at the send off in lieu of bird seed or bubbles.
    3. Cute wooden hand painted signs to guide guests.
    4. Somehow incorporating your story into the center pieces or decor. Gorgeous flowers are great to look at, but your story would mean so much more to guest.

    Ok, that's all. Good luck with the planning and congrats.

  12. Love this! How did you get them to stay put? I have 2 blue ones that I am going to put in my daughter's room for books!

  13. How did you secure them into the door? I'd like to try this project in my new closet!

  14. Hi I was wondering did you use regular nails to hang these?

  15. how did you mount them on the wall?


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