Key Lime Biscotti


Today I'm sharing a recipe over on Made By Girl. It's a key lime biscotti with white chocolate drizzle. Head over over and check it out! (CLICK HERE) 
Just a little preview...


  1. Heather, I just discovered your blog on Made By Girl and have to say I really like your blog! Food photography is a favorite hobby of mine so I'm looking forward to more of these posts. New follower :)

  2. SO happy to see you over on Made by Girl. Congrats!! Your recipe looks delish and I was immediately clicking on your link to find out more about you. You just got a new follower, I love it here!

  3. What a great feature!!
    Looking forward to working alongside you on MBG ;)

  4. Thanks Kat and Danielle:) Stephanie and little yellow apple, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourselves. Welcome! Heading to your "spots" shortly. Drew, already been to you blog and found lots that I love. Can't wait to see your post for Jen:)

  5. Fabulous recipe! I hopped over here from Made by Girl and am glad I did. You really do have a lovely blog :)

  6. What an amazing recipe!!
    I love the lime with white chocolate. Cant wait to try this recipe.
    And I'm so happy to be discovering your blog.
    I love it :)

    Have a great weekend <3

  7. YES! A tried and true recipe that won't turn out like bricks! I've been afraid of that...

  8. Camylla, welcome! So glad to hear such sweet feedback. Hope you'll be back soon. @lameonewithmuchope, even when my biscotti has tasted like bricks, the nice thing is dunking them in coffee to disguise my baking errors!

  9. Wow...following from Pinterest. Looks delish.


  10. Key lime is one of my favorite flavors...this looks delicious!! Thanks so much for linking up today!!

  11. just thought id let you know i shaw your recipe on made by girl and loved it. i wrote a post about it on my own blog, thought you might like to see love your blog, so happy to have been introduced to it =)


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