"Green" Holiday Decor


December can be a tough month financially with holiday expenses piling up. My husband and I decided to do minimal spending this year, but I still needed something to decorate my buffet in the formal dining room. I scrambled around the house trying to rack my brain for something inexpensive I could throw together for a party we're hosting this weekend. I pulled some old fabric & candle holders and fit them in around Mountain Valley Water bottles. I've been collecting the cute green bottles for about a year, displaying them on top of my kitchen cabinets. I decided they were festive enough to become seasonal decor and come down to earth for a little bit. Not to mention, reusing things instead of buying new is something I need to do more of. The only things I ended up buying for this set up...
  • Twigs $7.99 (50% off at Hobby Lobby)
  • Tapers $6
  • Felt poinsettia (Wal Mart after Thanksgiving. Maybe $3?)
  • TOTAL= Less than $20

This was made with cardstock, remnant fabric, a paint pen and the trusty hot glue gun.
I've seen split peas used in glass hurricanes on several blogs. Believe it or not, these had been in my "pantry" for about 3 months...They were spared from being turned into soup. I put some left over sugar sprinkles in the bottom of my small glass candle holders and hot glued a couple snowflake ornaments to two of the bottles. It came together in an evening, thankfully. This will probably be a one year appearance, but it was a fit for the budget this year.

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  1. it looks awesome and whimsical! great job! we are also on a tight budget, so decorating is thrifty around here, too! lots of pinecones found in the yard were used this year. :)

  2. I love this idea how wonderful. So happy to meet you I have enjoyed looking around. I have just found your lovely blog through the blog on Christmas cheer link wonderful to join in. I'm now following you hope you visit me sometime, follow back if you like so nice to find new friends to catch up with. Have a great day.
    Always Wendy

  3. I love bottles. This is so pretty!

  4. Hello! I just came from Brenda's blog. Your buffet table is great! I especially love the plates hanging on the wall. I'll be back to visit again, as I am signing up to be your newest follower!

  5. This looks so great! Its simple, functional and the bottles are just gorgeous! Great work.

  6. You go girl! Loving your decor this year (: Thanks for linking up with me for our Christmas Cheer party!

  7. With a little magic, your holiday buffet looks fabulous, Heather! Love the idea using pretty bottles!

    Happy Holidays!!


  8. you are a perfect example of using what you have and thinking outside the box and making someting beautiful and fun
    so many don't have money to go out and buy things but there is so much you can do with ordinary things yes?:)

  9. Just came over from Cozy Little House. Love this idea and I believe one of the best budgeted buffer ever ;-)

  10. It's perfect! And to think you did it in a thrifty manner.

  11. Lovely! Are the bottles glass? I've been collecting wine bottles & may have to do something similar (although the heights are all-out the same.)

    Such a fun link up party... I made sure to add our tree to the list.

  12. Hi! Bouncing over from Cozy Little House. LOVE your buffet! Great idea and so welcoming!

  13. Found you on Michaela's Blog. Love the use of the bottles! Everything looks perfect!

  14. This is great, Heather! Love, love, love the bottles! Too clever! ; )

    Can't wait to link up tomorrow. I couldn't figure out how to squeeze a recipe into Move-it Monday, but I'll be stopping by in the morning to join in the yummy fun! Thanks for "Blogging Around The Christmas Tree" with me! ; )

  15. Those bottles made me smile. They look amazing.


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