Two Besties at the Antique Fair


This weekend my town hosted vendors from all over the Midwest for a huge antique and artisan fair. My best friend Tanya and I had been psyching each other up about this for so many weeks that we were sure we had set ourselves up for a major let down. Regardless, we embraced the high hopes we constructed, knowing they could easily be crushed and we might walk away from the event empty handed. We started out day with coffee and a whole lotta' hype.
Thankfully, we were not disappointed. As soon as we arrived, here is what we saw...
Our first purchases were vintage wood block letters and symbols. The vendor had acquired them from the owner of printing company that had gone out of business decades ago. Apparently, the owner had kept all the inventory until just recently when he sold everything. The vendor knew what a gold mine he had and did not have them priced at a bargain rate by any means. Otherwise we would've bought more. I debated getting initials or favorite words but was drawn to the unique punctuation marks. (See the first pic of this post.)  I love how punctuation marks are being used in design lately. They somehow speak for themselves.
If that antique abacus was a little lot cheaper, I would've loved to have it in my classroom.
This is from one of my favorite shops here in town, Funtiques. The owner had a booth at the fair. Vintage tulip table + chairs for $345. Quite the steal. Too bad I wouldn't be the one "stealing" them that day.
Had our pockets been lined a little thicker, we might have been able to walk away with some of these gems...

Bronze bust from the 1920's. Beautiful.

I loved this vintage toy bowling set, but couldn't see dropping $150 for it.

Then came the buy of the YEAR...A gorgeous green velvet chair with original upholstery for a mere $35. We saw it from across the room, locked our gaze, and sprinted toward the little green beauty. When we saw the price tag, we lost it and literally began shrieking with joy. We knew one of us would be taking it home. Seeing as how I have a "graveyard" of antique chairs still waiting to find a place in our home and Tanya needed an office chair, it was rightfully hers for the taking. The upholstery is in STELLAR condition as is the construction of the chair. 

At the end of the day, here's what we walked away with. I have big plans for the bust I found. I'm thinking high-gloss spray paint in a bold color. More on that later. What was your best flea market/antique fair find?

Repurposed Vintage Wire Baskets


This weekend my cousin came to visit, and one of our first priorities was to hit up some of my town's amazing flea markets. She scored a gorgeous white headboard for $30 (wish I had taken pictures), and I found these vintage pink wire baskets. I walked by them at first thinking, "Those are cute, but what would I do with them?" About 2 seconds after I imagined using them for storage in my dressing room, she announced, "You could hang them on a wall and use them like shelves!" Yes, we are kin. So, I happily forked over $18 and had instant shelving for my collection of clutches, hats, and scarves.

I made the button art at a craft party last year. I found the idea here on Design*Sponge.
Also, I'm guest posting today over on VIew Along the Way. Kelly has a great series that showcases bloggers' homes. I'll be talking about being content with aspects of your home even though they may not be exactly what you had in mind. Head on over and say "hello"!

Molly and Ed's Timeless Wedding


A wedding of a sweet friend is always something you look forward to. When that sweet friend happens to be the closest thing you've ever had to a little sister and your college roommate, it's even more special. I used to joke that Molly was my "muse". I lost all sense of style once we didn't live together. (The real reason for this is that I borrowed stole all of her cute clothes.) She was decorating with antiques and dressing vintage when most people our age were shopping at The Buckle (Uh-huh. I said it.) She's always had a natural way of merging borrowed things with recent finds and pulling it off like Carrie Bradshaw. All of our friends knew her wedding would be beautiful, and it didn't disappoint.

In typical Molly style, her "something borrowed" was her mom's wedding dress. She had it altered (to fit her insanely tiny waist), and it looked absolutely gorgeous.
When Molly came to visit me several months before the wedding, we hit up flea markets to find tea cups, dishes, and vases to use for the centerpieces. She collected old books, spray painted them white, and painted the table numbers on them. 
The cocktail hour was outside in a bricked courtyard with snow cones and croquet for guests to entertain themselves.

All of the lovely images you're seeing were taken by our sweet friend Laura Kackley of Lark Photography. Laura was so nervous to shoot Molly's wedding because she had never worked any of her friends' weddings before. (A little bitterness there on my part...Tanya ,bow tie baby shower mama, and I not-so-subtly like to give Laura a hard time about not shooting our weddings. She was only 9 months pregnant at Tanya's wedding and about to deliver during mine...I really think she could've pulled it off.) By even mentioning this right now on a public forum, I think I'm breaking some pact that I made to never speak of it again...oops. Seriously, aren't her pictures divine? Every wedding she shoots looks like it's straight out of a magazine. She's featured again this month on Style Me Pretty.
It was so nice to be a part of a wedding post the massive wedding rush that happened in our circle a few years ago. We told Molly it was pretty smart of her to wait and get married after our broke, recently graduated years were over. She got much better wedding gifts than the rest of us, took a European honeymoon, and is living in an AMAZING loft in St. Louis. (House tour coming soon.) Honestly, I'm so happy for my "little sis" and felt so proud to be a part of her beautiful day.

Congrats Moll and Ed. Love you!

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