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My fridge "station". The box and clipboard were covered with scrapbook paper. Magnets were glued to the back. The blue timer is from Antrhopologie. One of the precious few items from there that doesn't require a Swiss bank account.
Back in November a sweet (and very patient) reader named Megan asked for a copy of my meal planning chart from my fridge. I had all intentions of posting this printable for you guys way back when, so I told her to keep an eye out for a post in the coming days with the link to download it. I totally forgot about the post, and Christmas came and went. In January, I saw another sweetly worded request and felt like a total heel that she waited two months to ask me again! I promptly emailed it her, apologizing profusely, and put it on my "To Post" list. So, here it is. Finally.

Click on the Slideshare icon on the bottom left hand corner of the frame to download.
I hope you find it useful. Obviously it's nothing fancy, but it helps me to have a weekly visual of cooking and shopping ahead.  Even if I know we're eating out one night, I'll jot that down too. I like to see in print what I'm eating for the whole week; it's a like a little promise to myself.  Do I have issues with food? Undoubtedly so.


  1. Love your fridge station and so cute to have the same turquoise on your timer too. never crossed my min to have the meal planning chart, definitely very useful to have one. Thanks for sharing!
    p/s: love your site!

  2. That's such a great pen holder so cute.

  3. Thanks Shannon! So glad you stopped by today. Headed over to your "place" now.

    Barbara- it came with a cheap set of stationary I got years ago. It was metallic hot pink. Amazing what scrapbook paper and magnets can do!

  4. This printable menu is awesome!!


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