Pom Citrus Trifle


While I'm obsessed with anything that even hints of being British, this is not the main reason I love this trifle. (Although that's part of it.)

Fresh whipped cream is a good excuse for me to use the Kitchen Aide blender that sits unused in the corner of my kitchen 99% of the time.  (I remember thinking before I got one that it was the kitchen appliance to have when you had a "grown-up" kitchen. Too bad it doesn't see half the action the toaster does.) 

Have you had a blood orange before? I've fallen in love with them lately. I posted the recipe for my  citrus pomegranate trifle on Made By Girl the other day and forgot to tell you about it. Would've made a nice Valentine's Day dessert...woops. (Click on the pic to take you to the recipe.) 

Another reason to love this trifle is the crunch of the pom seeds combined with the oranges and fresh cream. That along with the ladyfinger cookies gives you a buffet of texture that's a bonus in any dessert. Oh, and speaking in a British accent while serving it actually makes it taste better. No lie.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this looks delish! I love a good trifle. Pinned it to my Pinterest with link backs to your blog and MadebyYou for the recipe. Thanks for sharing. Hugs ~ Mary

  2. Thanks ladies:) Wishing I had some left over right about now...

  3. Oh yum! I've had the standard strawberry trifle, but I love the idea of having blood oranges and pomegranate seeds (my fav!) to add that extra tang

  4. this looks DIVINE!!!!



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