I've never done a round up like this before, but I've been mentally putting some of my favorite new things on a shelf to show you guys. Have you ever used a cookie press? I hadn't even heard of one until a roommate from college came into town. Kelly lives in France now and is back in the states for a bit. (Yeah. flippin' France, can you believe it?) I sat mesmerized listening to the stories of all the amazing things she's done and food she's eaten. She brought me back this adorable cookie press, and I have big plans for it this weekend. Friends, I now have a cookie press, and it's from France. I feel so fancy.

Isn't this chandelier just perfect? It's been on my radar for several weeks, and I keep day dreaming that it's hanging over my dining table.
You know those bloggers that post pictures of themselves wearing super cute trendy outfits? Usually the wind is blowing their hair ever so slightly as they strike a quirky pose and show off all their accessories?
This is not one of those blogs.

BUT I did want to show you my new coral colored skinny jeans that I found after an intensive search. These were the last of about 15 pairs that I tried on and the first that didn't make me want to cry after seeing myself wearing them. (Can trying on pants in poorly lit dressing rooms bring you to tears, or am I the only one?) TJMaxx. I should have just started at TJMaxx.

This girl can sing. And she's from Australia. And she is gorgeous.  Kimbra's "Settle Down" is pulsating and earthy and had me singing it loudly in the car upon one listen. The video has creepy dolls as a backdrop and two adorable little girls who act and dance alongside Kimbra. It's such weird imagery, and I love it.
So this was not a normal post...I hope you didn't find it off putting.  These are the little things I'm talking about with my friends lately, so I figure I should share them with all of my blog friends too. I would love for this conversation to continue on your end. 

What's the latest lovely thing on your "shelf"?


  1. Ooo I'm digging that song! That chandelier is awesome! =) Have a good weekend!

  2. I love the pants & ahhh Kimbra I love, love, LOVE her!

  3. Your coral pants look great! I don't know which is worse for me, trying on pants or bathing suits! Actually, I think bathing suits are the worst!!

  4. Heather, I agree. After trying on bathing suits, I almost need therapy!

  5. I can see why you love Kimbra. And the cookies are so sweet! Can't wait to see what your cookie press does!

  6. I just passed up a pair of coral skinny jeans at J Crew yesterday. WHY OH WHY didn't I get them!!?? They look great on you.

  7. LOVE your skinnies! I ordered an kelly green pair (thinking I'd pair green + leopard = grrrr). Tried them on in the comfort of my own closet, and was STILL scared to near-tears. Oh well.
    So yeah, me too - still on a colored skinnies mission.

  8. @LimeRiot-Hah-Go back and snatch them up. They're not easy to come by!!

    @Alison-Oohhh, I want some green ones too. I think Kelly green would be AMAZING. Looking for mint green too.

  9. that was a pretty cool and odd music video. I kinda like it too. :) Where did you find the cookie presses? :)



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