Fried Egg and Avocado Panini


The French knew what they were doing when they started adding fried eggs to sandwiches.  Meat almost becomes unnecessary when a perfectly cooked egg is present.  I shared my favorite vegetarian panini over on Made By Girl last week. Avocado, tomato, herbed mayo, and havarti all taste better with a little egg yolk.
Stu's new found love for fried eggs has him adding them to pizza, tacos, and any sandwich we make. At one point,  he spawned a brilliant plan to start a restaurant that serves a fried egg with every item on the menu. "Yeah, it'll be named Throw an Egg on It," he announces mid-bite during dinner. This led into a 15 minute minute conversation in the course of which we decided on menu items, came up with a business plan,  realized it would never work, and scrapped the whole thing. Dreams live and die quickly in our house.

Also, big things are in the works today. My spring break is this week-HALLELUJAH-so I'm tackling several projects. The biggest involved a road trip to Ikea. We just got back yesterday with supplies to outfit our office renovation. The Ikea bill quickly swallowed up our tax return, but soon we will have a functional office! More on this soon.

On the topic of ideas and dreams, have you ever come up with an idea for a business that you were sure would work if you just had the time and money to try it?

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  1. I am another egg-on-it junkie! Once I had a recipe for enchiladas with an egg on top that was fantastic.

    I think my mother and I came up with the same restaurant idea! If you guys open it, we will find a way to get there! :)

  2. Oh man now I'm mega hungry! I find any excuse I can to put eggs in my food. Really. Breakfast lunch and dinner. YUM

  3. This looks amazing, throw and egg on it and I'm in but mix it with avocado and I'm in heaven!! I was a waitress when I was in high school and put myself through college at the same job, it was a hamburger joint and I still have the best memories working there and it's always been in the back of my mind to open a little hamburger joint in my neighborhood, sadly the one I want to open cost a lot!!

  4. Laurie, I would bet that you learned a lot more in those years than many people who DO open restaurants!


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