Introducing Garnish


Readers, I could not be more excited to introduce you to my newest shop sponsor, Garnish. They offer packaging for food and drink that would add a personal touch to any gathering. Not only this, but their pricing is very reasonable, seriously. You know how important this is when you're hosting and trying to stick to a budget. After finding Garnish, I thought back to several times I've played hostess this past year that I could've used items from their shop. Here are some of my favs:
These adorable berry boxes start at just $.60. Yes, that's cents! I can only think of a dozen things I want to do with them, including filling them with lots of fresh and yummy things for my girls' garden party coming up in May.
Favor bags in all shapes, textures, and sizes. Most are priced at just a few cents each.
 How cute is this wooden silverware???
Added bonus, Garnish's blog is full of gorgeous ideas how to entertain using their products.
Be sure to check out both the Garnish shop and blog. If you try to channel your inner "Martha" when throwing a party, I know you'll be so glad you did.


  1. Oh very cute!!! I might have to buy a few of those berry boxes!! =)

    Lemanie's Randomness Blog

  2. What super cute product! I will have to go over and check it out!

  3. everything is so adorable. love it all!

  4. what a great sponsor. beautifully simple!
    glad i stumbled upon your blog from bloglovin', i'll definitely be back! x kat

  5. Vellum bags! PERFECT! I've been needing a good source for these bags.

  6. What a great sponsor! I had to pin them! Wow!

  7. This means a lot that you all like them as much as I do! I'm a bit picky about who I partner with. I want to make sure the products shared are ones I think we all would enjoy.

  8. Great sponsor! I will definitely have to check them out. I love fancy food packaging :)


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