DIY "Book Shelf"


Ok, you have to admit it's a little ironic that this shelf is made from books. My sweet friend Hannah whipped this up for her newly remodeled kitchen, and I think it's just stinkin' cute. Twine, books, and some gorgeous scrapbook paper were all it took to create a colorful and quirky space to show off some nic naks.
-Books (varied in size)
-Mod Podge & sponge brush
-Electric drill

1. Mark spots on the books to drill your holes. (This should be at least 1 centimeter away from the spine or edge of the book.)
2. Clamp or firmly grasp the end that you are not drilling on a steady surface. The corner you are drilling will hang off the edge of the surface youa re working on. Using an electric drill, drill holes in the four corners each book.
3. Wrap paper around each book and trace the outline of the cover.
4. Once the cover is cut out, brush a thin layer of Mod Podge on the non decorative side of the paper. Glue to the books. Allow to dry completely.
5. Poke holes through the paper to match the holes in the books.
6. Measure your twine and mark spot where you want the books to rest. Hannah spaced hers 9 inches apart. (After you tie the knots, it will measure a bit less than this.) Every 9 inches, mark the twine. You'll also need to think about how low you want the shelf to hang. Since it will suspend from the ceiling, you need to account for the appropriate length so it hangs correctly.
7. Tie four knots at the lowest (bottom) mark. String your first book through. Continue knotting and stringing the other books through. (TIP: You might have to play with the knots to make sure that it hangs evenly. Hannah said this was the trickiest part of the project.)
8. Secure the top of the twine to one or two hooks screws and fasten to your ceiling.

I think the "book" shelves would be really cute in a guest bath or even a kid's room. You could use strips of leather or really colorful yarn instead of twine if you preferred a different look.

I have to be honest that seeing this project made me realize I have neglected my craft to do list for far too long...I've been so exhausted that I've been avoiding the piles of supplies in my house already purchased for projects I intended to do months ago. I need to kick it into gear before the holidays are close and
there a 101 other things to do. (Yes, I said holidays-nothing like a trip to Hobby Lobby in September to make you freak out about Christmas looming "right around the corner". I love Hobby Lobby, but Christmas decor was up in August-ridiculous!!)

What's on your craft to do list?


  1. Wow, this is great! I actually have some rope that would be perfect for this...pinning and sharing with my readers too!

  2. this is one of the COOLEST crafts I've seen in awhile....

  3. This is absolutely *adorable* and I am totally making this!!!! :)

  4. Oh goodness this is incredible! I'm such a suck though, I just can't repurpose old books as much as they're just collected layers of dust on the bookshelf. One day I'll get over my old-book-turned-craft-phobia.
    P.s., love that deer

  5. I have heaps of things on my 'to do' list, and about six things I am working on at once, and now I'm adding one more !
    I just love this, what a clever idea and it looks so pretty.

  6. Poor Nancy Drew. I think I would cover ugly books for this great idea.

  7. Thanks for stopping by ladies! I'm thinking about posting a list of all the projects that are undone in my house...At least I have crafty friends like Hannah who let me show off their handy work:)

  8. this is adorable! And a really great idea! I love how you switched the books around--back & fronts.

  9. While I wouldnt use books I will use many left-over wood and glass, wonderful idea :)

    1. That's a good idea... I realize as an English teacher I probably should have no part in defacing literature, but I'm a crafter before I'm a teacher!!

  10. LOVELY! I totally have to make one. Thank you for this amazing idea :)

  11. Now there is a use for old text books! lol Great idea! Look forward to trying it.

  12. This is not only a lovely piece but a great idea too, I'm always looking for handmade goods for my online shop.


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