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I haven't had an advent calendar since I was a kid. (Yes, I realize most grown adults don't have advent calendars for themselves, but why not?!) Ours was a little German scene painted on a poster board-no chocolate-that had tiny windows which opened to show little hidden treasures. My brother and I loved that glittery board with its worn edges. I think simply the countdown and anticipation made it such a fun tradition. When we found out that other kids' advent calendars had candy in them, we felt we'd been jipped.

With so many awesome DIY advent calendars popping up lately, I thought I'd pull one together last minute just for fun. Granted, mine is not nearly as chic as this one or stunning as this one. However, I spent $7 and only 30 minutes making this little guy.

DIY Instructions
-Felt or poster tree (dollar store $1)
-Chocolate candy coins (dollar store $1 x 3 bags)
-Gift tags (50% off at Hobby Lobby- $1 each)
-All-purpose glue
-Paper punch outs

1. Place the coins on the tree in an arrangement you like. (Mine wouldn't all fit, so I knew I'd be making little "presents" to fit underneath.)
2. Use a pea sized dab of glue to glue candy wrapper to the felt.
3. For the "gift boxes", simply fold tags in half and staple on the sides. Slip coin in the pockets.
4. Label numbers on paper circles and glue to coins or gift tags.
5. Allow glue to dry completely before moving or hanging the tree up. 

My plan is to use heavy duty magnets and stick the tree to the side of our fridge. You could also hot glue dowel rods to the back of the tree and prop it up on a little wooden stand.

The good thing about making your advent calendar a couple days late? Two pieces of chocolate on one day. Oh, and I needed that extra chocolate today. I had about 3 hours sleep last night...Trying to keep up with work and decorating for the holidays while pregnant and sleep deprived is proving to be quite the challenge. 

I am very excited to show you guys some of the projects that I finished this weekend (swollen ankles and all.) Head back this week for much more!!
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  1. I mean seriously, I knew you'd come up with something grand. This is darling...I want one...mostly so I can eat chocolate every day :)

  2. I so wanted to make an advent calendar this year but just couldnt find what I needed :( This looks great and in only 30 minutes you definately deserve those choccies each day until Christmas :) Great job!


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