DIY Golden Garland


Do we ever really out grow the love of glitter? Remember those little rectangular plastic containers of glitter in elementary school? I vividly recall resisting every urge in my 7 year-old self that wanted to dump the whole thing on my paper. This love of glitter morphed into an obsession of all things metallic a few decades later.  Well, unlike Jonathan Adler metallic home interior pieces, glitter is cheap these days.  Since the latter fits the budget much better than the former, I "splurged" on all the glittery paper Hobby Lobby had in stock and made a garland for my mantel this year. 

DIY Golden Garland:
Items Needed:
-glittered card stock
-gold tissue paper (Hobby Lobby)
-gold braided rope or ribbon
-hot glue gun

1. Cut out 2.5 inch circles of glittered card stock. Cut tissue paper in 3.5 circles.
2. Fold card stock in half.
3. Layer 4-6 sheets of circle tissue paper, fold in half, and make fringe cuts around the edges.
4. Glue the rope/ribbon into the crease of the tissue paper.
5. Fold card stock over tissue paper and rope. Secure with a staple. (I know...a little janketty. You would not find this method on Martha Stewart's website, but I could not for the life of me get it to work with just hot glue. The staple doesn't show too badly though. Besides a staple is kind of metallic, right?)
6. Continue adding circle bunches until your garland is the desired length. **Quick Tip** Leave yourself a little room between each circle bunch. This allows the garland to drape better.
I cannot believe we are only days aways from Christmas. Where did December go??? I still have some baking, shopping, wrapping, and White Christmas watching to do.


  1. This really is the cutest! I love gold this season...and garlands are always festive!!

  2. So pretty..I love all the gold in your color scheme! -Jen

  3. I love this! Such a great idea!

  4. How about instead of a staple using a decorative brad(s) of some kind or cover the staple with an embellishment such as a dimensional sticker, small button, small bow or something of that nature. I'm all about dimension these days. Love your idea and the simple to follow directions. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh, brads would have worked great! I had tons of them just laying around too...


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