DIY: Make a Himmeli Wreath


After seeing this beautiful brass himmeli wreath on Etsy, I was ruined for all other wreaths. It is everything I'm loving right now; geometric, modern, and metallic. The $185 price tag is warranted for such a unique hand-made wreath, but we don't have that kind of coin for decorations at the moment.

I decided to take a stab at making one with floral wire and coffee straws. While it's not a replica and more of an "inspired by the original" kind of project, it satisfied my craving for a himmeli wreath. I may only use it one season, but it just cost me $12 and a couple hours to make.

Before you try this on your own, proceed with caution... Rating it for difficulty, I'd give it about a 7. If you're a veteran crafter, go for it. However, it's definitely not something to try in a group setting like a craft night. It might end with wire being thrown across the room and people drinking wine through little black straws. (PS-If you're going to host a craft night, there should be wine. It makes things much more interesting, and even the non-crafters will attend.)

-About 100 coffee straws
-Gold floral wire
-Gold spray paint
-Wire clippers (or heavy duty scissors)

1. Start by threading a long piece of wire through three straws. Bend wire and straws to form a triangle and secure and the top. Repeat eight times.
2. Connect the eight triangles together using two or three longer pieces of wire so that the bottoms of the triangles form an octagon.
3. Adding on to each of the base triangles, thread wire through adjacent triangles to add three straws to the corners. These three straws extend toward a point opposite the base of the triangle. Connect at the top by twisting and securing the wire.
4. Where the new 3D triangle connects (the vertex), becomes the starting point for a new triangle. The vertex of this triangle will end up being mid way between two of the original eight triangles. (Clear as mud?)
5. Continue threading wire through and adding extra as necessary to make the wreath sturdy in weak points. Once completed, you will need to hang with multiple nails to ensure that the shape stays intact once hung.
*I realize these instructions may seem confusing...Honestly, there was a lot of trial and error for me in this project. If something didn't look symmetrical, I clipped the wire and started that segment over. I almost gave up many times, but the fear of craft failure pushed me onward. 

A bit below the wreath sits another of my holiday knock off projects, Anthropologie inspired gift wrap from a couple years ago. (Yes, I kept the box; I love it that much.) As much as I try, I can't get away from brown kraft paper. This year I vowed to try something new and fresh, but "brown paper packages tied up with string" just feel like Christmas to me...


  1. Lady you are so creative! I totally love this

  2. This is absolutely stunning. I adore it and must give it a try! I would LOVE to have you link up at our Link It or Lump It party.

  3. I think I can----I think I can--lol. I am not "super crafty"...but I just may give this a try. I love how your wreath turned out. It is adorable. And I have to agree with you about the kraft really is the best and so fun to "dress up".

    1. Let me know how it goes! If a wreath doesn't emerge, maybe a cute mobile for baby girl's room:)

  4. This looks amazing - maybe a bit out of my depth but I'm going to try and give it a go. If I'm successful it's staying up all year round!

  5. This is AMAZING!!!!!

  6. Oh I have been staring at that brass wreath on Etsy for several days now thinking I should just make one myself! I also saw another one that was more of a star shape at our local Finnish import store. I really love how yours turned out and am totally inspired to finally go for it!

  7. Absolutely LOVE this DIY, and love your style! So happy you stopped by my blog and now I am following! XO from Kansas City!

  8. Just made it, I like it very much, what kind of paint did you use? I applied Valspar gold but I think the result is darker than yours. I am trying to find a way to make it less wobbly as my house is not much nail friendly.
    Thanks for the post.

    1. I used Krylon 24kt. gold. The wobbly part was the downside. Perhaps try threading more wire through the inner most base straws? Hope it turns out ok! Thanks for commenting.


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