DIY: Tissue Paper Banner


If you told me I had to pick one medium for all of my crafts from here on out, without hesitation I would pick paper. Today's DIY uses tissue paper to make a fun banner that can be used for parties or even left up as quirky home decor. I saw these paper tassel banners via Pinterest and decided to make a couple using the colors I planned for Gemma's birthday party.  
I have a problem hoarding every known shade of tissue paper (can't help myself), so I ended up only having to buy a dowel rod for this project. It took me about 3 hours to make two banners. This is the perfect craft to do while catching up on your Netflix shows. (I'm binge watching Weeds these days. Great cast and so funny. I'm hooked.) It would also be a good project for a girls' craft night. If hosting, you could supply the dowel rods and tissue paper, and guests could bring their own scissors.
SUPPLIES:-one 5/16 inch thick dowel rod, cut in half (I used 36 inch long rods.)
-tissue paper

1. Wrap string around the end of one rod. Tape string to the rod. Tie a knot to secure in place at each end of the rod.
2. With iron on low setting, iron three sheets of tissue. *This is tricky. You'll need to iron over the sheets very quickly. It won't completely get rid of the creases, but it helps to make them less severe.
3. Trace lines on tissue paper about 3/4 inches apart. 
4. Cut strips of paper.
5. Lay a long strip of tape on the back of the rod to where the tape comes out from the bottom. Place strips of tissue paper along tape. Once the tissue covers the length of the rod, press tape securely. 
6. Lay a second strip of tape on the back of the rod that comes up top. Line tissue paper on this strip. (On the first tape strip, the tissue paper strips will extended downward from the rod. For the second tape strip, the tissue paper will extend upward away from the rod.)
7. Press tape layers securely to the paper and rod. Flip the top layer (the second on to be taped) over the rod to cover it.
What do you think? They are pretty cheerful hanging up on my living room wall. I'm debating leaving them there for a while. I also think miniature versions of this would be really cute for a kid's room. I'd even like to try using ribbon if planning to use the banner long term as decor rather than just for a party.

It has been a busy week at my house. Gemma's first birthday on Saturday was a ton of fun. She got to play with all her friends and had two grandmas in town to spoil her all weekend. I'll have lots of pics to share later this week. (Yes, I decided on a party theme. No, it was not "Goodnight Moon" for any of you that might have worried.)


  1. I love it, and the colors you used are fab! Happy birthday Gemma! Can't wait to hear more about the party.

    1. Thanks, E! Hopefully I've have more pics up on Wednesday.

  2. Those are so fun! They remind me of the 70's wall hangings my parents had up when I was little. Much prettier than the hemp version though :)

    1. Hah! I love those wall hangings too. I've thought about using yarn to make something similar.

  3. I love this idea! So pretty! I just found your blog through Craftgawker and am excited to explore more :)

    1. Thanks, Aileen! I follow you on Pinterest and love your blog:)

  4. So cute! I am sure my girls will love it!

  5. Love this craft and want to do ASAP! Where do you pick up great tissue paper colors like the ones above?



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