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The search for our first home was a long and eventful one. We knew that we wanted a home in a historic neighborhood, and that was really all we knew. After failed inspections, broken contracts, hopes raised and crushed, we finally landed here. 

 Built in 1943, our house resides in a neighborhood that sits in the center of town with an abundance of huge old trees. Some of the floors are crooked, and a few closet doors don’t stay shut. The original hardwoods show the marks and stains of life lived here over the decades. I often wonder about the families who were here before us...I try to picture what it looked during the holidays 50 years ago.  How many new babies were brought into this home? These musings make me feel like part of a story the house is telling. As we grow our little family, our time spent here is just one chapter in a volume of narratives lived out to this backdrop. I wouldn't trade the cracks and creaks or tiny bathrooms for anything in the world.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! Our house is and probably will always be a work in progress. There are still rooms that remain empty two years after moving in, waiting for inspiration and finances to fund the inspiration when it does arrive. When I get impatient, I have to remind myself of the things I love about my home realize that it will never be completely "done".

Very little in our home was purchased new or at full price. We love finding old pieces that need a new home and mixing them with new pieces. Our style is still evolving and influenced by family heirlooms, pieces picked up from travel, and the part of the country we find ourselves in. Like many, we too have a new found love for mid century thanks to Mad Men.

If you're overwhelmed by the thought of designing your space, remember that you don't have to "follow the rules" of decorating. Pick pieces that you love, even if you think no one else will. Your home should be an expression of all the stages you've been through in life. It should tell your story and make you feel inspired, relaxed, and happy. If it doesn't? Do something about it. I truly believe that our surroundings affect our mood, productivity, and even emotions. Start small-maybe just with one room-and begin to build around one or two pieces that you love.
I also obsess about the decor in my classroom...Yes, it's a sickness. Click HERE to tour my 5th grade classroom.

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